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Commercial Cleaning

Our professional cleaning company provides a multitude of services for your business. You can select services you need or request a package service that includes all basic services and some additional detailing. A clean workplace promotes productivity and instills a professional image in the minds of your potential customer, partners and employees. While impressions are important, a clean workplace is also a healthier and safer workplace.

We service a wide variety of commercial clients from office building, medical office buildings, retail stores, manufacturing facilities and warehouse, restaurants and hospitality.

A commercial cleaning service can offer the following services for your business:

  • Remove waste materials for sanitation pickup

    • Empty all trash cans/bins and replace liners​

  • Vacuuming and mopping common areas, and stairs

    • Vacuum or brush sofa/chairs per specifications​ and wipe 

               arms/edges and dust chair bases as needed.

  • Wipe down (sanitize) light switches door handles, phones

    • All glass surfaces

    • ​Clean doors and frames​

    • Water fountains and water coolers

  • Dusting all accessible areas, cleared surfaces

    • Dust wall hangings per specifications​

    • Dust accessible windowsills, blinds

    • Remove all visible cobwebs

  • Basic interior window washing

  • Restroom maintenance

  • Replenishing consumables

Our commercial cleaning services might also include an array of special services that take several hours (or days) depending on your project needs.

Among the special services available:

  • Washing exterior windows (using the right equipment and taking appropriate safety measures)

  • Dusting ceilings and light fixtures

  • Cleaning the roof and gutters

  • Pressure washing the building exterior

  • Cleaning parking lots and garages

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