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We use Virex

All Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner

A ready-to-use, quaternary-based, hospital-grade disinfectant that provides excellent cleaning and deodorizing in one step. Disinfects in three minutes. Bactericide, tuberculocide, virucide, fungicide. Kills Norovirus, VRE, and MRSA. Meets bloodborne pathogen standards for decontaminating blood and body fluids. Colorless with a lemon scent.
Trusted by the cleaning industry.


Washing Hands

General Precautions For Avoiding Risks Of This Type Of Infection

  • Seek medical attention if you have been to the seafood market in Wuhan or in contact with people that have been to the market and have the symptoms listed

  • Monitor advise and news from public health bodies and government sources

  • Observe good hygiene and infection prevention practices

  • Disinfect vehicles and locations where animals are housed or transported

  • Reduce contact with animals or humans that may be infected

  • Wear protective equipment where the risk of infection is confirmed

  • Perform hand hygiene regularly

  • Perform cleaning and disinfection regularly


How Revive Janitorial Can Help

  • Cleaning and hygiene protocols, supplemented with outbreak readiness programs

  • Tools and resources to help ensure key infection prevention protocols are followed

  • Effective product solutions for infection prevention and control

Disinfecting Cleaning Company Saint Louis Missouri

Don't Give Coronavirus a Fighting Chance

The threat of Coronavirus is weighing heavily across the country. Many cities have taken steps to curb the spread of the virus; the CDC encourages social distancing and frequent handwashing, and cities are compounding these endeavors with the shutdown of schools, theaters, and restaurants. Still, the Coronavirus continues to spread among American populations.

It’s time to battle the Coronavirus in the best way we know how – through thorough cleaning and disinfecting. High traffic areas such as healthcare centers, offices, and retail locations can be hard to disinfect and quickly become a breeding ground for viral transmission.

Revive Janitorial Services offers a variety of state-of-the-art cleaning techniques that compound traditional cleaning options to kill the Coronavirus quickly and efficiently and protect your employees, clients, and patients from potential exposure.

  • We use only the disinfectant that has been EPA Approved for Coronavirus, which we get from an exclusive supplier ……which many other cleaning companies DON’T use and cannot even get due to high demand.

  • We follow CDC approved cleaning procedures, tools, chemicals, and processes

  • We offer 3 different disinfection methods:  Electrostatic sprayer, Fogger, and detailed disinfection crews & teams that hand wipe & disinfect

Disinfection Services for Covid-19

Keep Your Customers and Employees Safe

Revive Janitorial professional disinfection services include;

  • Electrostatic sprayer, pump or battery sprayer, or manual spray process

  • Use of hospital grade, EPA registered disinfectants

  • Adherence to CDC guidelines including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

High traffic touch areas for disinfection services include items such as;

  • Light switches

  • Handrails

  • Elevator buttons

  • Door handles and entryway doors

  • Restroom faucets and dispensers

  • Phones, keyboards, and mouse devices


Cold and flu season brings its own set of challenges to the workplace. Combine those seasonal health and environmental risks with the Covid-19 pandemic and risks increase considerably.

The good news is there are proven cleaning and disinfecting methods that help keep your employees and guests healthy in the workplace. The cleaning and disinfecting experts at Revive Janitorial can customize a program for your facility that identifies high-touch areas and kills viruses on surfaces.

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