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Why You Should Choose Revive Janitorial

If you are considering janitorial services for your business, contact Revive Janitorial. We are striving to change the industry standard with quality, accountable services.

We stand behind our services 100% and strive to maintain open lines of communication with you, encouraging you to provide valuable feedback on your level of satisfaction with our services.

We believe that our client retention rate is a reflection of our acute focus on quality customer service and safety. We use only top-of-the-line cleaning equipment and supplies, have a well-qualified and motivated staff and take the time to explain our wide range of service options.

Services Tailored To Needs

No Two Businesses Have the Same Commercial Cleaning Needs

We understand that no two businesses are alike, so we design affordable, high-quality cleaning programs to meet the unique needs and budget of your business. We have a number of expert professional cleaning crews throughout Saint Louis county so we can offer you top-quality janitorial services in Saint Louis and all surrounding areas…no matter where your business is located Revive Janitorial is there.

Fresh smelling restrooms, break rooms, offices, and lobbies. This dream can be a reality when you rely on the cleaning experts at Revive Janitorial. Let us handle all of your cleaning needs using the latest in cleaning technology. Whether you need a basic cleaning or something more advanced, we have services to fit any need and budget. Revive Janitorial offers janitorial services Saint Louis area companies like yours can trust to get the job done right, the first time, and every time!

We Care Pledge

Covid 19 Coronavirus Experts, Revive Janitorial Disinfecting Company

Many Saint Louis janitor service companies offer only basic commercial cleaning, whereas Revive Janitorial offers expanded commercial cleaning that includes specially trained staff to address Covid 19 and other dangerous germs and pathogens.  We can assess if your facility needs spray & wipe disinfecting, Electrostatic Spraying, UV-C light disinfecting, or other methods. If you are needing industrial cleaning, commercial, retail, or medical cleaning, our office cleaning staff can design an affordable solution to meet your needs and budget.  Revive Janitorial, Covid 19 experts &  a leading Dallas Disinfecting company.



Revive Janitorial communicated with me, described their service,gave a fair price, and delivered more than expected. Rare! Buttrue. Extremely pleased.

— Keith F. 10/21/2019


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